Members of the Class of 1922 hold the Centennial Banner at Reunion, 1947.

The Hobart Centennial celebrations concluded with a reception at the President’s house and then a Centennial Ball in the Armory. Musical favorites from decades past were selected in a nod to the countless Alumni present.

The Hobart Herald reported:

So ended the Centennial, greatest event in Hobart’s history, celebrated enthusiastically, whole‐heartedly, fittingly in every way…All of the company who had assembled for Hobart’s hundredth birthday had gone away quickly and silently, bearing with them and leaving behind the memory of a notable achievement, and a determination that the second century should be more notable than the first.

The Centennial inspired more than just raising funds for the Capital Campaign or gathering Alumni and friends for a campus celebration. It also reconnected alumni with the College in a new and deeper way. Alumni grew to appreciate the campus updates they received by being on the Hobart Herald distribution list. Rather than continuing to send Alumni the student newspaper, though, the Colleges established a new publication, the Hobart Review—precursor to the Pulteney Street Survey—specifically for alumni.

Hobart Centennial