Centennial Luncheon


The Centennial Cup on display in the Hobart Bicentennial Exhibit, 2022.

Centennial Day continued with a celebratory lunch in the Geneva Armory at which more than 600 people attended. Even more so than the exercises that morning, the luncheon was truly a community event. During the gathering, Geneva Mayor Robert A. Catchpole presented President Bartlett with a loving cup in recognition of Hobart’s centennial on behalf of the citizens of Geneva. As part of his presentation speech, Mayor Catchpole praised Dr. Bartlett’s work for Hobart and for Geneva, giving him credit in recent years for bringing the College and the City closer together in spirit. He concluded his short speech by proclaiming:

In laboring for Hobart and for Geneva you have won our esteem and admiration. In your familiar association with us you have won our affection. So universal is this sentiment that I may say without exaggeration that every citizen of Geneva...desires to make some expression of the feeling in his heart on this great day of achievement for Hobart and for Geneva. Therefore, [on] behalf of all the citizens of Geneva, I ask you to accept this loving cup as a symbol of the esteem and affection which the City of Geneva bears towards you.

President Bartlett, moved by the sentiment, graciously accepted the cup and the honor.