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Astronomy at HWS, 1822-2019


This exhibit presents the rich but uneven history of astronomy at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, from the observatories of the 19th century, through the doldrums of the 20th, and into the resurgence of the 21st.

Campus Buildings That Never Were

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This exhibit showcases plans and architectural drawings for campus buildings that were never built or were constructed according to a different design than the one pictured. Featuring a number of proposed buildings dating from the 1870s to the 1960s, the exhibit tells the stories of these structures and why they do not exist on our campus today.

Computers at HWS: A History


This exhibit presents a history of computers at Hobart and William Smith Colleges from 1964 to 2013.

Geneva Medical College

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This exhibit details the history of Geneva Medical College, which began in 1834 as a department of Geneva College (later Hobart College). It was one of the earliest medical schools in New York State and hosted such influential figures as Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell (the first woman to be awarded a medical degree in the United States).

Life at Early William Smith College

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This exhibit includes photographs, memorabilia, and letters from the students in the early classes at William Smith College.  These items tell the story of what life was like for the first students of the new college.

Navy V-12 Training Program, 1943-1945


The Navy V-12 College Training Program was developed during World War II to supplement the force of commissioned officers in the United States Navy.  Hobart College was designated as one of the colleges to have a Navy V-12 Unit.  This exhibit is about the Navy V-12 Program and its impact on the Colleges during WWII.

Pulteney Street Through the Years


This exhibit traces the history of Pulteney Street from its earliest history to today. By examining the buildings that have come and gone, the exhibit tells the story of how a muddy farm road became the vibrant center of campus.

The Twin Oaks, 1947–1986

Oaks Sign 8012-4-C1-JR-30.tif

A campus institution for forty years, the Twin Oaks Restaurant was a home away from home for generations of Hobart and William Smith students.

World War I & The 1918 Flu Pandemic at HWS


This exhibit covers the years 1914–1918, when the Colleges faced the twofold challenge of the First World War and the Spanish flu pandemic.