Centennial Weekend

1922_centennial (1) copy.jpg

Centennial Weekend program, 1922.

Come June, alumni began arriving early for Centennial weekend—June 8 through 13. The Hobart Herald noted that the “early influx of alumni shows already that the celebration of Hobart’s hundredth birthday will be an occasion worthy of the completion of a century of service.” Each alumnus upon arrival received a “bronze seal of the college with an orange and purple ribbon and identification card attached,” as well as orange and purple hatbands.

Because Hobart history is a part of Geneva’s history, the Centennial festivities expanded beyond the Hobart and William Smith campus. The Hobart Herald reported that “arriving alumni saw also that Geneva was taking part with Hobart in the celebration. The city was en fete. Flags flew everywhere, and stores were decorated with bunting. All the lampposts bore a reproduction of the Hobart seal, and automobiles were decorated with orange and purple.” The city also threw a band concert on Sunday afternoon. A fireworks show, provided by the city, had also been planned.

Hobart Centennial
Centennial Weekend