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Miller House


Architect Arthur C. Nash created this design for Miller House, the new William Smith College dormitory, in 1908.  Nash was the son of Professor Francis Philip Nash, longtime professor of modern languages at Hobart College.  Arthur Nash also designed Smith Hall and Williams Hall, both of which were built around the same time as Miller House.

In this design Miller House is located where Comstock House is now, and would have been connected to Blackwell House, the first William Smith College dormitory.  When the college opened in 1908 all of the students in the first class lived in Blackwell House, but the administration soon realized that a new dormitory would be needed to house all of the students once all four classes were on campus.  The funds to build Miller House were given by William Smith.  The house was named for Elizabeth Smith Miller, a local activist and philanthropist who helped William Smith found his college for women.

Arthur Nash was the architect for Miller House, however this design was not chosen.  The note on the back of the drawing reads: "Drawing to show new Dormitory connected with Blackwell and due west of it.  Rec'd from Mr. Nash in 1908.  Miller House was later erected further south and not connected with Blackwell House."