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Brooklyn Daily Eagle 17 January 1914 p10.jpg
Black and white scan of a newspaper advertisement for W. R. Brooks lecture "Conquering Other Worlds" given at the Central Branch YMCA in Brooklyn, New York on January 18, 1914.

Color photograph of the clock from the Red House Observatory hanging in Eaton Hall.

Jones Scrapbook, SC20 Box 4 cropped.tif
Pencil sketch of the planet Jupiter.

Post House with Observatory, Palmer Scrapbook, SC20 Box 13 (720).tif
Black and white photograph of Harris House with Professor Smith's small observatory visible in the rear.

Observatory, Palmer Scrapbook, SC20 Box 13.tif
Cyanotype photograph of the college observatory. The dome is open, with the end of the telescope visible. A man is sitting on the second floor balcony.

Sepia-toned photograph of Hobart College campus taken from near Jay Street. The observatory can be seen on the left.

Black and white photograph of Christopher Perkin '95 wearing a jacket and tie.

Color photograph of Alan Russell teaching in front of a chalkboard.

Color photograph of the Smith Observatory taken from Brooks' house.
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