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G.Phot File h.3s 1926m.tif
Drawing of proposed new science building by Arthur C. Nash, architect, ca. 1926.

Architectural drawing of a proposed Alumni Hall situated between Geneva Hall and Trinity Hall.

Architectural drawings of proposed addition to the William Smith College Gymnasium, ca. 1941.

G.Phot File.hws.cam1950.tif
Sketch of proposed plan of development for Hobart and William Smith Colleges, 1950. Includes present buildings, the new chemistry building, and future buildings. Taken from the Echo of the Seneca, 1950, p. 152.

G.Phot File h.11.5b1.tif
Architectural drawing of a proposed tower to connect St. John's Chapel with Demarest Hall (library), 1950. Note on back reads: "Proposed juncture of Chapel and library. Architect's drawing. Building never materialized." Bottom front reads:…

Drawing of the plan for the future development of Hobart College at Geneva, N.Y. created by Hobart Upjohn, Architect.

Architectural drawing of Coxe Hall showing proposed additions, ca. 1930. From the office of Hobart Upjohn, Architect, N.Y.C.

G.Phot File h.13t4b.tif
Photograph of architect's first floor plan for Emerson Hall.

Photograph of architectural drawing of Emerson Hall.

Photograph of architect's plan for Emerson Hall. Includes first floor plans for Unit A and Unit B; and outline of future Unit C.
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