Hobart in Quarantine

Hobart College Establishes A Local "Quarantine"

Geneva Daily Times, October 9, 1918.

YMCA stationary

The S.A.T.C. had only been in operation for a week before the influenza arrived. On October 8, Hobart implemented a quarantine, not allowing the men to leave campus. That evening several of the men put on a variety show in Coxe Hall. A canteen was also set up in the President’s House and the Red Cross and Canteen Service and the YMCA sent magazines and stationery to campus for the men to use. An arrangement was made for a local barber to come to campus three times a week to cut hair in Geneva Hall.

The men of the S.A.T.C. and William Smith students were kept apart during quarantine, but many letters were sent. Several pieces of postal stationery like the one to the left can be found in William Smith scrapbooks.

Field Day Events at Hobart

Geneva Daily Times, October 11, 1918.

On Saturday, October 12, the S.A.T.C. held a field day on campus to entertain the men. Local businesses donated prizes for the winners. Events included the 100-yard dash, crab race, broad jump, and tug of war.

Although the men were not allowed to leave campus, new recruits continued to arrive from other parts of the state. By October 10, several men at Hobart had the flu. The cases were mild, but it was difficult to treat them. On October 15, Sigma Phi House, which is currently the Finger Lakes Institute, was converted to a hospital.

On November 5, the quarantine was modified and the men could apply for passes to leave campus.

Sigma Phi Place
The Influenza Pandemic of 1918
Hobart in Quarantine