Student Army Training Corps

Hobart is Now a Military College

Geneva Daily Times, October 1, 1918.

Student Army Training Corps in front of Coxe Hall
The Big Ditch

When the war ended a month later, the city of Geneva hired the S.A.T.C. to dig a ditch on Pulteney Street in order to install a storm sewer. The men were paid $600, which they used to fund a trip to Rochester. They competed with the University of Rochester S.A.T.C. in football and military drill. Hobart won the drill but, according to the Echo, "The less said about the football game, the better for Hobart."

That evening both groups went to the Temple Theater in Rochester and saw singer and actress Sophie Tucker perform.

In late November, the S.A.T.C. received the orders to demobilize.

The group photo above was taken in the early afteroon on December 5, 1918, just after eating their last official mess of roast beef and mince pie. The men then marched back into Coxe Hall for the official discharge ceremony.

The officers and a few men who were ill stayed behind a bit longer, but by mid-month, everyone was gone, and all of the equipment had been shipped to nearby military bases and arsenals.

SATC Candids

Candid photographs from the 1919-1920 Echo.

America Enters the War, 1917–1918
Student Army Training Corps